A Proper Hello :) to the Community

Before you begin checking out the pictures I have to say;

that I am on a 90 day health and blogging challenge.

If you want to learn more about what I am doing,

click here (it will take you to my health, wealth and happiness blog, RizalaCarrington.com)
Let’s start from my freshmen year (2006) of college.

before rizala carrington freshmen yr 180





By the time I reached college I was 180lb and the height of 5’1

While in college I was also a thrower for my college track and field team.

When I was a thrower in high school we didn’t run so much.






But by the time we got to college my college throwing coach

put us on a running cycle. And the time it was my junior year I was about 165lb.jr yr 165

Then it happened… we switched training cycles.










Not so much running and more weight training. And because of that…

I got really strong and I also start to gain a lot of weight.

By the time it was my senior year in 2010.


I was 200lb.

Now, after I graduated I had big goals for myself.senior yr 200












BIG goals! I wanted to lose weight.

But I ran into a problem. I had no motivation. There was nothing to get me to the gym. Nothing.

So because I kept the same eating habit… I of course kept gaining weight. So by the end of 2012 I weighed 211lbs.

italy 210 2

Then it happened…

So right before the end of 2012..

I found my “why”. I found the reason why I do everything.

The reason why I blog and the reason why I am striving for better health.

Check out my post in called;

My “Whys” – The Reason “Why” I do it

Thanks for reading I will be updating my blog and YouTube weekly.

So subscribe you won’t regret it!

Also, fill free to check out my other blog RizalaCarrington.com 🙂


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