Pictures in the Clouds – Imagination Never Dies

I was on a walk somewhere in East Germany during my Christmas vacation. It was a sunny day full of fluffy white clouds (otherwise known as Cumulus clouds). And that was when I came up with this blog post, “Pictures in the Clouds – Imagination Never Dies”

See growing we weren’t allowed watch a lot TV…

So, I was often caught out laying out on our lawn gazing into the sky. pictures in the clouds empower network

Looking deep into the sky, imaging myself jumping from cloud to cloud. lol, thinking about it now. It sounds as though I thought I “walked on clouds”. 😛

I saw animals, monsters, dragons, heros, princes and princesses.

Then I noticed…

The Pictures in the Clouds Were Becoming Pictures in the Trees and Mountains

giant in the mountain pictures in the cloudsThere was a point in my life when I believed mountains were once giants that died. And since no one could bury them, they simply became a part of the earth. Hence, mountains were formed.

And after watching Pocahontas and seeing grandmother willow, I believed all trees could talk and were only hiding themselves from me because they thought I didn’t believe they were real. But I did! I did believe! 

I eventually grew up. The pictures in the clouds were fading.

But it wasn’t until I started this blogging crusade I am on, when I started to notice more and more pictures in the clouds. See lately, I have been reading more. Listening more. And seeing more.

One thing I have to say is…yes, I do make money from blogging BUT I have gained so much more besides the money.

And guess what. You can too. You can start to see the pictures in the clouds.

You can also start to see..faces in tress pictures in the clouds

…giants in the mountains.

…faces in the trees.

Never let your imagination die.

If you think you think your imagination is dead: It isn’t! Click here if you are ready to awaken your imagination to pictures in the clouds.

Thanks for reading this blog post on “Pictures in the Clouds – Imagination Never Dies” I hope you liked it 🙂

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

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