Making Music from Trash

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The Landfill Harmonic is an upcoming feature-length documentary in spanish with english subtitles about a remarkable musical orchestra called ‘The Recycled Orchestra’ from Paraguay, where the musicians make music from trash (their instruments are made from recycled trash).

Now for me, what’s remarkable isn’t just the fact that they were able to create music from trash, it’s that fact that they were able to take their situation and make something form it. That in itself is inspiring.

I don’t know about everyone else who watched this YouTube video but this truly inspired me to keep pursuing for my dreams. To keep believeing that anything is possible and dreams do come true. Just like in my previous post  Another Day, Another…Euro? just because your dreams have not come true (yet), that does not mean it will never come true. Keep doing what you’re doing. Stay inspired and never give up. If a community built on a landfill can create beautiful music from trash. Imagine what you can do! Take what you have and use it.

Making Music from Trash - Landfill Harmonic cello empower network making money rizala carrington

Making Music from Trash - Landfill Harmonic violin making money rizala carrington empower network

Making Music from Trash - Landfill Harmonic landfill slum empower network rizala carrington make money

Making Music from Trash - Built on a Landfill Harmonic The Recycled Orchestra.

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