Another day, another… Euro?

When everyday turns into another day.

Another day, another… euro, right? A day in the life of a full time working US expat in Berlin, Germany.

The original saying is “Another day, another dollar” which was taken from the song “Another Day/Another Dollar”  from the band Gang Four.  I think its only proper that I use Euro, seeing as how I get paid in euros. Yes, I do pay quite a high tax here in Germany. Yay  ! But I can honestly say I do see where the money is going …Nonetheless, I promise, I will never complain about taxes in the US.

But back to the premise of this blog post. I have noticed that lately I have been saying, “another day, another dollar” mostly because of how mundane the my job had become. I currently work in sales and account management for an international start up company here in Berlin, Germany. So far its the best German company I have worked for while… in Germany (I have worked for 3 so far). Yes, everything looks great. Health and dental insurance, 24 paid vacation days, an XBOX 360 in the employee room and let’s not forget the hipster-ish IKEA furniture littering every single office.

When I get to work I always greet my colleagues by saying “hello” or “good morning”, I get usual a look of “here we go again” and I usually reply with “another day, another dollar” its usually followed by a chuckle or two. I’m not going to complain because the money I make is good given that I am a non-German speaker.

But in my opinion, life isn’t about money. Its about being happy.

Tell me this, why do most people settle for jobs that pay well but don’t make them happy? Its too often in this world that we see people “settling” into something because they feel its the best they can do.

Of course I do understand one needs to make money to survive. But if you have a true passion for something, don’t let your abilities go to waste. I say stop settling and start making steps to make your dreams come true. If you can’t get that web design job you wanted with the company you wanted. Why not create your own web design company and do work on the side. Build your portfolio. In the meantime, when the opportunity present itself, you will have a portfolio filled with work you accomplished, on your own.

Life isn’t all about having a lucky break here and there but creating your own opportunities and taking a chance on yourself.

Don’t allow everyday turn into another day. Don’t work for dollars but instead for yourself and your happiness.

And that’s pretty much why I started a blog and my own website. To share my thoughts and my skills, and to create my own opportunities.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
Leon J. Suenes

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2 thoughts on “Another day, another… Euro?

  1. Love this. As someone who has worked for a cool, hip DC start up for over two years, I recently came to the conclusion that as cool as this was, it is not the job I am supposed to have. After searching and searching for months for something that would strike a cord with me and coming up empty handed, I decided to create my own dream job and am starting what I consider to be an apprenticeship in the food truck game on Monday. Keep up the good work! So happy for you!

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